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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Mugs

Thanks to all of you who joined in the MUG® Root Beer Father’s Day Brew-B-Q kit give away. I've randomly selected five stories to share. Happy Father's Day everyone!

Paul Brown says...

My memories of Dad's BBQ are limited to hot dogs. They were a treat when you are a kid. Later, as an adult, I would barbeque the Thanksgiving Turkey. My father would go on an on about how moist and flavorful it turned out. I became the designated Thanksgiving turkey cooker. My father has been gone for awhile. On Thanksgiving, when I barbeque the bird, memories of my Dad complimenting me, puts a smile on my face.

Larry Gober remembers...

The only Dads BBQ story I have is he made me do all the BBQ'ing. He hated to cook but loved to eat steaks. So he would go over to Urquart's Market and pick up some thick bone in rib eyes and then I would have to cook them. Of course it made me a better cook and I am grateful to this day for what he made me learn how to do.

Oh, sorry, i just had a good memory moment. Sigh.

Eric Johnson has a poignant tale...

I'm an orphan and don’t know my dad, thought it was Mike Mills; wrong. Then I thought about Johnny Trigg; wrong again. Maybe it's Rod Grey; no, too young. It had to be Paul Kirk; nope Billy’s his kid I'm not.

I found the light at the 2009 BBQ Block Party; my dad is Ed Mitchell.

That’s my story and I hope I win.

William Bilancio has this story...

One summer my parents and I went with 6 other couples to spend a week in Montauk. Well on the night that watching the kids fell to my parents my dad had decided to make burgers for all of us. So he went out and bought an hibachi grill and the makings for the burgers. He also stopped and got a bottle of jug wine. After getting back to the house he got the fire started and a glass of wine. Then he started getting the burgers made and had another glass or 2 of wine. When the fire was ready he headed out with the burgers and put them on the grill and proceeded to have a few more glasses of wine.

So when he finally came with the burgers and served them up one side was as hard as a Charcoal Briq
uette and the other side was raw...thus we now make sure when dad is going to make burgers for us he isn't going to make Montauk burgers.

Last year he was working the grill at his nephews wedding and wandered away to talk to family....while he was away the vegetables he was grilling ignited in to a nice blaze of glory. Luckily I was near by and put out the fire....I ended up doing the rest of the cooking that night. Now don't get me wrong when my dad is focused on the grilling at hand he does a great job it's when he has had a few to many glasses of wine or there is a distraction that things go wrong.

And last but not least, Chris Valentine tells the story of Dad and his Weber....

Dad will always use a Weber Kettle. As red as the coals inside.

Dad will always use way too much lighter fluid to get the coals started. A chimney is still something attached to a fireplace.

Dad will always use red meat. Unseasoned. Salt is for sprinkling in beer.

Dad will always mash the burgers on the grate to get every last bit of grease (and flavor) out of them. That will, of course, always make them cook faster.

I will always come running whenever invited for a cook-out at dad's place.

Happy Father’s Day!

Great stories guys. Thanks for sharing. Keep an eye out for your MUG cooler.

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