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Friday, May 22, 2009

First Look: Joey's BBQ

From the sublime to the ridiculous.

This is not a full review, just some first impressions of Hoboken's only BBQ joint - Joey's BBQ.

I stopped in at Joey's BBQ in Hoboken, New Jersey last night. Perusing the menu, I asked the guy at the counter what was best. "Our wings" he said. I found that an interesting statement as this is a barbecue joint, but when in Rome...

So I ordered the wings. Joey's claims that their wings are smoked over hickory for 4 hours. Hard to believe as they had the consistency of boiled then lightly grilled wings with no noticeable trace of smoke. All of the wings, while a nice size, were completely over cooked.

My two sides of potato salad and baked beans were easily the stars of this meal. The potato salad was an interesting mix of potato, onion and apples, while the baked beans packed a punch with a very strong tomato based sauce laced with onions and pieces of what appeared to be pork bark and bacon.

Joey's has four different BBQ sauces available, Original Sweet, Original Spicy, Brisket and Traditional. The first three were very thin, but good and the last very thick and reminiscent of Sweet Baby Rays. All were sampled directly to the tip of my finger.

I will be back to try some of the more traditional BBQ samplings; brisket, ribs, pork shoulder. Any place that creates a special brisket sauce can't be all bad.

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At 6:01 AM, Blogger Chris said...

Did we say "smoked"? Silly us....we meant steamed and slathered with liquid smoke;)

At 7:45 PM, Blogger Robert said...

I dunno. I've never heard of a pitmaster named "Joey" before . . .

At 9:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi WhiteTrash BBQ,

Thanks for your honest review about our store, since I have only 2 cashiers and both of them are female, I assume that guy behind the counter should be me. I wish you were questioning about our food like how we cook, how we serve etc. Than I would gladly take you in our kitchen and show our Hickory Smoker. and also tell you how we cook, preserve and when we got orders how we finish our product.

Sounds like you are a bbq savvy, however our wings are pretty unique in our area (everybody else deep fry them)... If I were you, I would try babyback Ribs, because this would give away right than if we are real bbq place or not.

Thanks for the complement about our bbq sauces, seems like you wrote this review pretty long time ago, almost a year... please come again, i would be more than happy to give you a little tour in our restaurant

Joeys BBQ


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