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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Product Review: Rod's Rubs

I've been a very bad blogger and reviewer lately. I have a few things that have been sent to me over the last couple of months that I promised to review for you folks. I've got sauces, rubs, books and a new smoker that all are awaiting my attention. Time to catch up.

Let's start with Rod's Rubs.

Rod's Rubs were developed by former Detroit Red Wing player and law enforcement official and now barbeque aficionado, Rod, whose last name is unknown to me.

According to their website...

"Rod’s Rub is an all-natural, low-sodium, no MSG dry rub. Originated in Marietta, GA, Rod’s Rub comes in 5 great all-natural flavors used for everyday cooking to holiday meals. Rod’s Rub dry rub can be used on meats, vegetables, potatoes, popcorn and even potato chips. Rod’s Rub is a true dry rub product, using only the finest ingredients, eliminating salt fillers found in most commercially available rubs. They are rich in flavor and in fun."

The fine folks over at Rod's Rub sent me a bottle of their "Sweet Mesquite," "In The Black," and Steak Out" for my review. Rod Rub's also makes an "Original All Purpose" rub and one called "Citrus Tang."

I can't really tell you my first impressions anymore because I've been using these rubs since last October. (See I told you I was a bad blogger!) But, I think a review after using the product for awhile will provide you with more insight than just my first impressions.

Unlike many "rubs" these rubs are not just doctored salt packages. They are packed with flavor and spice that are visible to the naked eye. I can see and taste parsley, rosemary, pepper flakes and possibly oregeno in the various rubs. These are all quality products. I've used all three rubs on pork, chicken, beef and lamb, all cooked over an open fire, in a smoker and in the oven.

The Sweet Mesquite lends itself primarily to oven cooking. Out of the three I received it's probably my favorite and most often used. It works very well on chicken and duck and anytime I want some smoky sweet flavor. I'm really surprised that I like this rub. Usually any rib or sauce that includes smoke flavor imparts a bitter artificial taste. Not this time.

Sweet Mesquite's high sugar content causes it to burn easily over an open flame. And, since it has a smoky flavor built in, I don't recommend it for use in the smoker. Its smoke flavor often fights with the flavor coming from the real smoke.

In The Black is a great "blackening" seasoning and puts many of it's Cajun counterparts to shame. It blends heat and flavor and accentuates the flavors of steak, fish and chicken. If I didn't have a family that is heat adverse, this would easily become my most used rub.

Up last is Rod's Rub - Steak Out. I really like this rub on lamb, but not on beef. There's some sort of herbal flavor to this rub that doesn't work beef. At least to me and my immediate family. I gave some of this to another bbq friend and he's been raving about the steaks he's cooked with it. To each his own I say.

So if you're looking for some new flavors for your que, give Rod's Rubs a shot. I think you'll be glad you did. One of their five packs would make a great Father's Day present. Are you reading kids?

All photos on this page are courtesy of Rod's Rubs. I took them off their website.

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At 7:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I noticed that Rod's Rub advertises "no MSG".

Based on my personal bbq contest experience, rubs with MSG do better in contests than rubs without MSG. I've often wondered why some people dislike it so much.

On another bbq website recently, I read a heated discussion about the pro's and con's, but I'm still not sure I understand it.

At 8:08 PM, Blogger scotroberts said...

I kinda agree with this poster. As long as you eat the stuff in moderation, who cares if there's a little MSG in it? I'm not going to shovel MSG down my throat with every meal, but if there's a little inside of a rub that actually makes it taste better, who cares?


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