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Thursday, December 06, 2007

BBQ Sauce Reviews

It's been awhile since I recommend another website, but I have a good one for you today. It's called BBQ Sauce Reviews. The site's been up about 6 months now and I've enjoyed reading their reviews. I don't always agree with them, but it's always a good read.

I was surprised when I first started to read the reviews that the authors took into consideration the taste of the sauce after it had been cooked on the meat. That's something I've always thought was the absolute ONLY way to review a barbecue sauce. Unfortunately, that's not how it's done at the competitions. Usually, barbecue sauce is reviewed only straight out of the jar. And that's a pity. The magic of the heat and the smoke can transform a sauce. Sometimes they shine after the fire, other times they fall apart. I really applaud the reviewers for taking this into account.

From the site .. "Presently the test we conduct consists of applying the sauce to chicken and pork ribs as recommended by the BBQ sauce vendor. When no directions are provided, we rely on traditional methods of applying the sauce towards the end of the cooking cycle so that the flavor of the sauce is activated, yet remains intact."

The only complaints I have about the site is that I don't know what type of fire (wood, charcoal, lump, gas?) was used in each review. I assume that the food is cooked over a gas cooker due to a sly reference to covering the cost of propane. For shame. I know that most people use gas, but that's not real que.

The only other clarification about the reviews is I'd like to know if food is grilled or barbecued? It makes a huge difference in how the sauce reacts to the meat.

I do love that the guys over there come up with all sorts of boutique sauces and they still review the mass market sauces. When you get a chance, stop by BBQ Sauce Reviews. You'll be glad you did.

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At 9:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey White Trash,
Here at BBQ Sauce Reviews, we've always enjoyed your site and of course the name of the site too - that's why we link to it!

The answer to your question is... the majority of the time the stuff is cooked... yup, over gas grill.

I am reminded of the King of the Hill episode where Hank (propane salesman) fought against the same prejudice... and I believe it makes sense. However, the mission of the site is really about the sauce and a slow cooked BBQ is certainly different than a quick blaze on the grill...

So I guess it comes down to speed and retaining a similar cooking and tasting environment. Like science class, keeping as many variables constant, while hopefully only changing one or two variables :)

- brian

At 10:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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