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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Barbecue Sauce By Region

Photo of the various barbeque regions of the United States courtesy of Kraft Food Service.

There's a great book out called Mastering Barbecue by Michael H. Stines. In this very informative book he discusses how different parts of the United States have signature sauces. Funny, he ignores the middle Atlantic states, the west coast and New England completely but he does include Florida and Oriental. Very interesting, but here goes:
  • Alabama: Thin, vinegar-based with sugar, salt, pepper and mayonnaise
  • Georgia: Thin mustard-based, tomato and vinegar
  • Kansas City: Thick tomato and sugar base, sweet, smoky and spicy
  • Kentucky: Black sauce with Worcestershire sauce, molasses and vinegar
  • Florida: Tomato -based with lemon, lime, vinegar and butter
  • Hawaiian: Sweet and sour with fruits and fruit juices
  • Oriental: Soy sauce, peanuts and some heat. (Oriental? Isn't that phrase obsolete now-a-days and considered offensive by many? Also with peanuts I'd peg it more as Thai or Vietnamese rather than Oriental. But hey, I didn't write the book)
  • North Carolina (Eastern): Thin, vinegar-based with crushed red peppers, salt and pepper
  • North Carolina (Western): Thin, similar to Eastern North Carolina, but with tomato and sugar added
  • South Carolina: Thin mustard, vinegar, salt and pepper
  • Tennessee: Depends on the region. Thin, vinegar-tomato sauce or sweet, somewhat spicy tomato-based with peppers and molasses (Memphis)
  • Texas: Very thick, tomato-based, spicy with molasses and Worcestershire sauce, also a thing, hot-pepper-based sauce.

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At 11:50 PM, Blogger StunBmun said...

Somehow, Kraft doesn't exactly count as the expert source I'm looking for on this. While they are accurate in some respects (SC = only pork is BBQ), they just don't get at all other huge chunks of the country. I live in Illinois, but even I know Floridians are into way more than seafood.

At 8:13 AM, Blogger WhiteTrashBBQ said...

To be honest stunbmun, I don't agree with all the comments by Kraft or Mr. Stines.

For example, I've been to BBQ places in Austin, Lubbock, Houston, Dallas, Waco, Lulling, and most of the Hill Country area of Texas, but never once found a very thick tomato based sauce.

But I learned a long time ago, no one agrees on anyone else's definition of bbq, bbq sauces or regional favorites.

Just take it as a place to begin a discussion.

Thanks for reading and for commenting.


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