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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Restaurant Review: Bobbique

70 West Main Street
Patchogue, NY

Around 3:00 pm yesterday, I got the chance to visit Bobbique way out on Long Island in Patchogue. I've heard about this place for awhile, with the exception of my friend Gary over at Pigtrip, I've never met anyone who actually ate there. They do advertise in the National Barbeque News, so I was very interested to check them out. (Sorry, no camera this trip.)

Bobbique is located right on the main drag of Patchogue, a town that's glory days are long past. Bobbique is a nice looking place with high tables, lots of brick and exposed pipes. Since it was 3:00 pm on a Wednesday afternoon, the place was deserted, so much so that when I arrived the waitress/hostess was out front smoking and I had to ask if the restaurant was open. This woman has the most unusual skin and hair color I've ever seen. She was almost completely a shade of dark mocha. Everything was monochrome, her skin, her hair, he lips, even her eyes. In the sunlight on the street, her coloring just seemed totally unnatural. But in the restaurant's lighting she was attractive.

The restaurant is laid out with the bar running on the left and the "restaurant" seating on the right. You order your food from a counter on the right, pick a seat and your food is brought to you. Maybe I was still stunned by the hostess's unusual coloring, but I found the ordering arrangement and menu a bit confusing. I finally decided on the two meat platter; ribs, sliced brisket (you can order it sliced or chopped), beans and potato salad. Traditional fries and sweet potato fries are also available, but not on the menu and they must be a money maker for the restaurant because the hostess kept pushing them. She asked me five times if i was sure that I didn't want fries with my meal. With a diet coke (free refills) my lunch came to $17.40.

After I ordered my meal, I noticed a sign for happy hour(3-7) specials. They included wings for 50 cents each. I tried to order a couple, but was told that the wings were only available at the bar. C'mon - I was the ONLY person in the restaurant.

Bobbique has the largest selection of beers I've seen in a NY barbecue restaurant, but it was the middle of the afternoon after all so I settled on my usual diet coke. The waitress brought over my drink and placed it to the left of me with a lecture that I was sitting at a table composed of two separate tables and that they didn't line up completely. "Watch yourself or you'll have your soda in your lap." she said as she left the soda. She reminded me again when she brought a free refill.

Another waitress brought my meal which arrived on a metal tray lined with red and white checked paper. On the tray were 3 decent sized St. Louis cut ribs, a nicely arranged deli-sliced TINY pile of brisket flat on a lettuce leaf, and two very small portions of potato salad and baked beans. Completing the dinner was a 1 1/2 inch by 1 1/2 inch by 1 inch piece of cornbread.

Bobbique on UrbanspoonSo how was the food - OK. The ribs were charred and over cooked. The brisket was OK and lightly sauced but a bit dry. The cornbread was OK, the potato salad forgettable and the beans likewise. I was disappointed that I could not detect any smoke flavor in any of the meats.

Would I go back? Only if I was in the neighborhood. I finished my meal unsatisfied and still a bit hungry. I think next time I'm out there with a craving for the Que, I'll probably hit the local Chili's.

Photo of Bobbique courtesy of Pigtrip

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At 11:25 AM, Blogger Lenn said...

You were that far out on Long Island and didn't let me know?

That's about 10 minutes from my office!

At 10:55 AM, Anonymous Donavan said...

You go to Bobbique and order a diet coke?! First, you go to Bobbique for the beer, if you get hungry you go to the pizza parlor around the corner. Then come back for more beer.

At 5:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 7:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

bobbique is the best bbq joint in these parts. the food rocks, the waitresses are super, and they got cornbread!! and collard greens!! i love it there, blues n bourbon baby!!

At 12:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. You have to go there for the beer, especially on tap, which is changed regularly. The music is great. The atmosphere bluesy, the way I like it. The bar tenders have attitudes, but who cares after a few wheat beers on tap. Your comment on the food was right on.

At 11:03 AM, Anonymous Doug said...

This blog entry is dead on in every aspect. I live in Patchogue but on the other side of town and ordered the pulled pork; my date had a burger, and I ordered a burger to go for a sick friend; one Iced tea and water. I had restaurant.com gift card for ten dollars the waitress told me they don't accept any more so for the three very sub par meals the bill came to a whopping 40 bux plus tip for once again SUB-PAR service. way too long to get your small portions of tasteless food.

Some of the comments on this blog entry are just plain ridiculous. Do yourselves a favor and have real BBQ one day... I myself don't even like smokey flavor and didn't mind Bobbique not incorporating it... but seriously. drive 20 minutes down the road and have Smokin Al's.

At 9:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My husband and I love barbeque. Bobbique is not the real deal! Ribs were tasteless & charred, wings were like leather, service staff unprofessional. Not impressed with the food.

At 1:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am nothing but shocked after reading this review. I understand the strange, empty feeling of dining there at 3p.m. but if you would be there anytime after 5 it is a completely diffwrent place. I also notice this review is from 2007. Get back there now and I guarentee you will change your tune. The food is amazing, night life there is the perfect combo of chill and and upbeat with their almost nighlty blues band entertainment.I had the pleasure of working for the owner for a few months. I am gaining zippo by making this comment and unless he checks this regularly, he will not know about this. The owner is one of the most giving,warm hearted people I know. He has done amazing things for the comunity which he wants to remain nameless for. !obbique is one of the Islands number one spots.you can always count of seeing familiar faces and also faces of new peole that areoving their new experience. Between great food, the largest beer selection I have ever seen on the island, reasonable prices, a great staff and an owner that puts customer satisfaction above all I really don't know how you can miss! My husband is the critic of all food and everynight I worked he requested bobbiques amazing pulled pork and fresh,homemaid potato salad. I shutter at the thought of anyone mossing out on bobbique because of this redic,unfair review. Give it another shot.for the record I no longer work there or have any oportunity to gain from this. I just feel you have done a great place a serious injustice. Good thing the crowd it pulls in nightly and the frequent return of so many of their customers proves this review to be completely off mark!

At 8:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you take your culinary advice from a guy who:

1) eats his meals at 3pm

2) for some reason is in downtown Patchougue at 3pm to eat said meal

g) can't drink a beer with BBQ, again with the 3pm theme reappearing, (this was my personal favorite, what was he afraid his mom might smell his breath when he got home late from HS?)

and thirdly, creepily spends time stareing at a waitress on her break long enough to study her beauty regime

then yes you probably shouldn't go here.

I think I will try the place, order some beer, listen to some blues and enjoy some BBQ up here in Yankeeville.

At 11:49 AM, Blogger WhiteTrashBBQ said...

Definitely go in and check out Bobbique and decide for yourself if it's food is any good.

Mr Anonymous, you can argue with my opinions anytime, but damn you got some weird views on life.

Lunch at 3pm ain't that unusual.

Not drinking beer at 3pm also not that unusual.

Being in Patchogue at 3pm is odd I grant you, but I was passing through on my way back to Brooklyn from a client in the Hamptons.

Which was probably the primary purposed in my avoiding the beer in the first place.

And as for checking out the waitress, if you had seen her you would have done the same. There was something otherworldly about her.

At 11:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

However 'otherwordly" the waitress may have been, commenting on her coloring in a reataurant review is the abosolute nadir of bad taste. I would question your judgement in all things based on that

At 8:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its not so weird that the guy checked out the waitress outside because that is where he saw her first. The fact that he noticed her skin tone and other aspects of her physical appearance is not that unusual. He walks up on a place that he is wondering if its open, notices said girl in front and judges by her appearance if he is going to go in or not. If it was a place you were considering going into and there were a bunch of thug looking drug dealers wearing "colors" you might write it in your review of said place.
My first thought was why would management let her smoke OUT FRONT of the establishment and secondly working in bar lighting myself for many years I know that I low light makeup would look over done for daylight, however in the bar my choice of coloring for makeup would be normal.
Not drinking and driving to Brooklyn is a good choice dude, Eating at 3pm after a meeting not so unusual. But not sitting at the bar when you are the only one in there is WAY weird!
Im semi old school female and I wouldnt sit at a table in an empty bar


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