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Monday, June 04, 2007

BBQ and Wine

Here's something I really don't know anything about - what wine to drink with BBQ. I'm a dyed in the wool beer drinker with Bass Ale, John Courage (which is no longer available in the United States damn it!) and Porkslap Ale being my current favorites, but every once in a while I get asked to recommend a wine to drink with the Que. I usually refer people over to my buddy Lenn and Lenndevours, or the fine folks over at Wine Sediments, but here's a list of five of the best wines for your BBQ from the Wall Street Journal.

- Malbec from Argentina: What´s a more popular summertime food than barbecued meat? And with barbecued meat -- ribs, burgers, steaks, you name it -- there are few tastier wines than Malbec. It`s a red wine that tastes like ripe blackberries bursting with fruit, with some smoke and black pepper. Just a few good names to look for are Alamos (Bodega Catena Zapata), Altos Las Hormigas, Bodega Norton, Catena, Finca Flichman and Navarro Correas.

- Beaujolais: One of the many great things about Beaujolais is that it pairs with just about any kind of food. Beaujolais also can be served at all temperatures.

- Riesling: It`s light, delightful, mouth-watering and oh-so-easy to drink. Germany is the classic home of Riesling -- look for Riesling Kabinett on the label and you`ll be fine -- but more good Riesling is being made in the U.S., too, especially in northern states such as Michigan and New York. Riesling also is somewhat trendy at the moment, so serving this wine at your gathering will show your good taste.

- Sauvignon Blanc from Chile: It`s hard to beat the value of Chilean wine. We recently bought a case of Concha y Toro "Casillero Del Diablo" Sauvignon Blanc that cost just $6.63 a bottle (with a case discount). Among many other good names are Anakena, La Playa, Miguel Torres, Morande and Santa Rita.

- Vinho Verde: This wine from Portugal is especially good on sunny days because it`s so refreshing. Vinho Verde is almost colorless, with some spritz that adds to the fun of it. It`s a food-friendly wine, good with three-cheese pizza and seafood prepared any way. Among good names to look for are Arca Nova, Casal Garcia, Famega, Gazela and Portal do Fidalgo. (The Wall Street Journal)

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At 9:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Show me a BBQ that serves wine and I'll show you a BBQ not worth going to!!!

Let the houtey toutey wine drinkers sit at home wearing their sweaters tied over their shoulders while us BBQers rip flesh from the bones of dead carcasses and swivel beer from bottles.

Why is everyone trying to ruin the good things in life? What's next, outlawing dwarf tossing at BBQ contests?

At 10:39 AM, Blogger Lenn said...

Funny...I was invited to a BBQ yesterday and guess what I took with me...riesling, sauvignon blanc, beaujolais and vinho verde...WITHOUT EVEN SEEING THE STORY IN WSJ.

Freaky! But at least I know I'm not nuts.

At 11:34 AM, Anonymous Nat said...

I'm confused as to why you think that because some people enjoy wine with their food its in any way affecting you or the BBQ events you attend?

Personally, I enjoy both beer, wine and the occasional mixed drink. Sure I'll default to a good brew when it comes to sitting around in the backyard with the guys and tearing into some ribs, but I'm not above cooking a great steak for dinner and pouring some red wine.htt

At 9:44 PM, Blogger Ryan said...

Hey Mr. Anonymous-
Wine doesn't have to be snooty! Infact, go to wine country, hang with a winemaker and you'll soon realize that those farmers called winemakers often say "it takes alot of beer to make a good wine!" I smoke pork just about every opportunity I'm givin, I drive all over the south east in the perpetual search of the best BBQ on the plant and I'm a Sommelier (wine steward, wine nerd).

I suggest Cotes du Rhone with anything on the south of north carolina BBQ. Smooth, smokey, with a hint of spice and all of that for under $15 if you know where to shop.

2005 Chateau Beauchene Grand Reserve Cotes du Rhone

The Burgundian

At 8:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Funny...I was invited to a BBQ yesterday and guess what I took with me...riesling, sauvignon blanc, beaujolais and vinho verde...WITHOUT EVEN SEEING THE STORY IN WSJ."

Sorry, That ain't no BBQ you went to. That was a Soirée. Try bringing them sour grapes to a real BBQ here in the South and you will be turned away faster than Paris Hilton at a book reading event.


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