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Sunday, May 06, 2007

BBQ Advice

To honor the Royal visit by her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II here's BBQ advice from across the pond. It's spot on, except for one minor issue. This comes to us from The Barbeque Man at sausage links.co.uk. Enjoy.

One thing barbecue man is right about is meat. Despite the efforts of food writers searching for topical recipes, most bbqs are about simple, plain food. All you need is good meat, lots of sausages (of course), bread, salad and beer!

  • Strong, gutsy flavours are needed - keep things simple.
  • Be generous - people eat more outside.
  • Make sure meat is cooked right through - if in doubt check and cut a piece open, pink or bloody chicken should be cooked longer! (NO NO NO. Use a thermometer. Don't ever cut into a piece of meat to check for doneness. Also, grilled or bbq'd chicken can be pink. If it's done, the juices will run clear)
  • The Food Standards Agency has provided useful tips on safe outdoor eating.
  • Use charcoal or wood for the best flavour.
  • Light the charcoal at least 30 minutes before you want to start cooking, only start cooking when the coals are white or glowing red and the smoke has died down.
  • Spread the coals evenly over the bbq for a even cooking area or pile them higher on one side to make a hot and cold area.
  • Raise or lower the grill if the heat is too high/low
  • Brush meats with oil before they go on to the heat.
  • Use the right equipment - especially a pair of long armed tongs.
  • Remember to season the meat, have a tray of seasonings ready - salt, pepper, olive oil, lemons, herbs, soy sauce etc.
  • Marinade for as long as possible, ideally overnight and baste with the marinade juices during cooking.
  • Make homemade salads - coleslaw, potato salad, couscous and have plenty of crusty bread.
  • Remember that leftover marinade has been in contact with raw meat - don't use it as a dipping sauce! (if you want to use spare marinade cook it first).
  • For quick marinades, place the meat and marinade in a plastic bag, seal, agitate gently and place in a cold fridge for at least 30 minutes.
  • Cheaper cuts of meat work better - don't waste filet steak on the bbq!
  • Meat on the bone (chops, chicken legs, T-bone steaks) are easy to handle and the bone helps to conduct heat.
  • You can cook large joints or whole chickens but it's easier to use smaller pieces. You can part cook large items in the oven and finish them over the barbecue to add the smoky taste.
  • Good joints are butterflied leg of lamb (a leg of lamb with the bone removed - most butchers will do this) or a piece of boned belly pork, these can be marinaded first and are easy to cook and impressive. Look in Recipes (internal link) for more information and ideas.
  • Try spatch cooked chicken or individual poussins.
  • Try home made burgers made with fresh beef, lamb or sausage meat.
  • Soak any wooden skewers in water for at least 30 minutes to prevent them burning.
  • For extra smoky flavour you can add small chips of well soaked aromatic wood to the fire (such as hickory or apple-wood).
  • Fresh herbs, such as rosemary and even lemongrass can add flavour, these should be sprinkled on the fire towards the end of cooking.
  • Serve fresh summer fruit or ice cream for dessert.


At 1:41 PM, Blogger Dr. Biggles said...

MmMmmM, spatch.


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