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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Save the Internet!

Another rare double posting day.

Today is Save The Internet Day. Please take a look at some of the issues that are coming up that will effect how you use the internet daily. Big Brother is gaining strength.


At 10:00 AM, Anonymous CockeyeBBQ.com said...

Ya know, I have mixed feelings about this kind of thing. First of all, the internet is not free. Never has been and never will be. It is a big business. And what drives big business? Moolah. That's right. Large ISP's make decisions based on revenue. If they tick off their customers, they lose subscriptions. Likewise, they can't afford to tick off their sponsors and advertisers either. So it's a balance I guess. Between keeping the customer (you and me) happy and at the same time force-feeding us banners for free Ipods.

Groups like "Save The Internet" are a little naive, I think. They have the ideal that the customer is in control and they're always right. It's just not so. I am a small businessman, and I can choose to conduct business pretty much however I want. That is to say if I want to boil my ribs, then slap some Open Pit on them and try and sell em, I can. But in reality, I probably won't do it long, unless my customers love to shovel shit in their mouths. Right?

So the solution? Don't waste your time signing online petitions. Discontinue your patronage of companies that do you wrong, tell them about it and find something better.

And stop whining about Big Brother. Stock up on firearms. Build a bomb shelter and listen to a lot of James Carvell. That's what I did.

At 12:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You had me up until the James Carville line.....he's an idiot

At 7:21 AM, Blogger Backyard Chef said...

Unfortunately, as telecoms and online providers merge and eliminate the competition-- even know, much of the wire is owned by a handful of companies-- they will begin to dictate what content will be carried or given speed preferences. At that point you have the choice to comply w/ what you get, or not get on the web because there will be fewer and fewer providers giving us fewer and fewer choices.

This is not small business worrying about the bottom line.

At 7:29 AM, Anonymous CockeyeBBQ.com said...

The line about JC was in jest....I would have to agree. The man is a kook.

My point is that the big corporations that own the infrastructure have every right to control what information passes through their pipes. I suppose you're probably the type of guy that brings McDonald's into the movie theatre?

I don't mean to be insulting here, just have some interesting conversation.

At 12:53 PM, Blogger Backyard Chef said...

I don't bring McDonald's into the movie theatre, but I might bring some homemade cookies.

What if the phone company tried to tell you who you could or couldn't call, if they made your home number unreachable because they didn't make enough money on people calling you, would that be ok? Sure there are some people that I wouldn't mind ditching, but that's not the point.

The internet isn't owned by a company, by the way, but the access provided by DSL and Cable, that's a whole other story. AOL doesn't have a goddamned thing to do w/ what websites exist....and as long as they're not providing or promoting something illegal, they shouldn't be controlling what an adult of legal age can do.

I suppose you're the kind of guy that goes to a bbq contest without a fire extinguisher....

At 2:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I suppose you're the kind of guy that goes to a bbq contest without a fire extinguisher...."

Now THAT'S comedy!!!

And you gotta just love Microshaft, Yahoot and Gurgle for pandering to the Chinese gov't just to make a few dollars more. These companies don't care who gets executed in China and help track them down.... All for a fistfull of dollars (Great movie by the way http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0058461/ )

At 8:02 PM, Blogger WhiteTrashBBQ said...

Eric, I'm a bit surprised to hear that as a small business man, you back this new two-tiered version of the internet.

Are you still going to support it when someone does an internet search for Fencing in "your neighborhood here" and the only pages listed are for the national companies?

Now I know you say that the internet costs money and that the big companies should get preference because the bear more of the cost, but that's simply not true.

The Internet is a creation of the Department of Defense during the Eisenhower administration. It was felt, rightly, that if say San Fran got nuked, the government would need its computers to be able to get commands from computers say in Ohio.

The backbone of the Internet was paid for by taxpayers. It belongs to the people!

Viva la Revolution!


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