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Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Texas Haul

My Austin trip stash of barbecue sauces and barbeque rubs arrived today. I had them all packed and shipped from the UPS store on Balcones Woods Drive in Austin. They did a great job. Every bottle was wrapped in bubble wrap and the box was filled with those styrofoam peanuts. Thanks UPS.

Here's the list of all the stuff, in unpacking order....

Texas Style Sweet Rub and All Purpose Seasoning (Giddings, TX)
John Henry's East Texas Wild Cherry Chipolte Rub (Houston, TX)
Southside Market and BBQ - Elign BBQ Sauce (Elgin, TX)
Southside Market and BBQ - Rib Rub (Elgin, TX)
Bob Tallman's Texas Style Fixin's All Around Rub (Houston, TX)
Scorned Woman Fiery Barbeque Sauce (Inwood, WVA)
The Salt Lick Bar-B-Q Sauce (Driftwood, TX)
Harley's Texas Style Bar-B-Que and all purpose seasoning (Giddings, TX)
Clint's Texas Barbecue Spicey Orginal (San Antonio, TX)
Fischer & Weiser Texas on the Plate - Whiskey 'n' Peaches BBQ Sauce (Fredricksburg, TX)
A liter of Coca-Cola from Mexico (Still made with the orignal formula - all cane sugar)
Meyer's Elign Smokehouse Barbecue Sauce (Elgin, TX)
Kokopelli's Feast Seasoning (Rub) (Austin, TX)
Southside Market and BBQ - BBQ Seasoning (Elgin, TX)
Austin Spice Company Texas #202 Beef Seasoning Rub (Austin, TX)
Dink's Pit Bar-B-Que Sauce (Bartlesville, OK - A gift from my in-law's parents)
H E B Texas Bold Sangria Barbecue Sauce (San Antonio, TX)
Ruby's BBQ Sauce (Austin, TX)
H E B Texas Bold Peach Habanero Barbecue Sauce (San Antonio, TX)
Iron Works BBQ - Our Original Bar-B-Q Rub Seasoning (Austin, TX)
Whitt's Mild Barbecue Sauce (Nashville, TN - I think. I bought it in the Nashville airport)

Now I've got to get cooking! As I use each of these, I'll post a review.


At 5:20 AM, Anonymous texasgirl said...

I really like the Harley's Texas Style Bar B Que and all purpose Seasoning. I use it on steaks and burgers.

How have the other seasonings measured up?

At 9:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you tried BOB TALLMAN'S Texas Style Seasonings? They are fantastic! I shake the All Around, Steak Dust, or Stampede Steak in hamburger meat and mix it up before making the patties. Then grill them and sprinkle with All Around. Also, the Ranch Rub is great sprinkled on baked beans. Excellent product that's so versatile. I even use the Steak Dust in eggs!

Texas Cowgirl


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