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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Phil's remarks.

Well, I caused a bit of a rucus with my post about cooking in New Jersey. This blog is meant as a place for me to express my thoughts about cooking Barbeque. Some times, I'm going to be hard on myself. Some times, I'll be easy. Some times I will express thoughts and opinions that will not be popular. But they are my opions and thoughts.

I post alot of information in the Barbeque Brethren web site. Phil and Dave, my two cooking partners in New Jersey, are charter member of the BBQ-Brethren so much of this disussion was posted there. I'm going to repost it here in case there is anyone actually reading this and wants to know what happened.

Phil's first public response was.."Damn, next time someone remind me to just bring a whip.!! or better yet.. Maybe grow in a thin mustache and an armband. Heil!"

Shit. I didn't feel that way. It was not my intention to insult Phil at all, only togive my impressions about the contest. I aplogized to Phil and this is what he said...

"Well....but this one line bugs me..
You wrote
"There was nothing that I did that helped win that contest.".

You are so far from the truth. There is no way we could have even placed without your help.... and Daves and Mine. We were functioning as a team. Right at the beginning i said we'll go with what I know unless someone has a secret weapon. No one spoke up so i went with what i am familiar with. But no team can function without a support staff. If there are 4 cooks, you still need a support staff of at least 3. In this case, yeah i was cookin, but i was also freaking out, getting lost, tripping over myself and becoming totally derailed. Everyone there did what had to be done and each of us kept the other on track. I jumped track a few times because of the events that happened last week and you and dave got me focused and back on track. At one time while slicing the meat, it started bleeding across the cutting board. All I saw was the blood and I froze... Flashback to the site last week in front of my truck. I was about to have a meltdown... You came back and bitchslapped me... "We need the other brisket.. That one is no good". YOU explained how judges look at the brisket. I was not aware of that(accordian thing).... I went with your judgement and we won first. You dont think thats a contribution to our win? You were 1/3 of a winning team and also flew solo on the presentations. The only thing i did was fluff up the pork with you...The ODD number of pieces was something that was told to me about doing presentation boxes. Always put an odd number in.. like in floral arrangments. I was relaying those words.

We all put alot of sweat into those 2 days, and no one person is responsible, its a team effort.. the glory goes to each of us. I couldnt do that alone and I'd be part of that same team anyday."

So, like I predicted, Phil is giving me more credit than I think I deserve. So I guess I did contribute to the win. Let's leave it there.


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